Forum explores College’s role in Trenton Community

April 18, 2017 Heidi Cho 0

In these self-regulated conditions, the Advisory Commission on Social Justice held an open forum on Thursday, April 13, in the Library Auditorium. Students were able to discuss the implications of naming the College’s admission building, Paul Loser Hall, after a segregationist.

‘Rick and Morty’ premieres third season

April 11, 2017 Heidi Cho 0

Rick’s character flaws have been demonstrated time and time again in the show, and his other family members certainly don’t like him any better for it. Jerry Smith is the epitome of every foolish human being. He acts in contrast with Rick’s obvious genius. He is consistently overlooked by other members of the family, and deplores Rick for good reason –– Rick is self-destructive and has a tendency to leave people behind in his catastrophic mistakes. […]

Speaker reveals horrible history of tomato industry

February 27, 2017 Heidi Cho 0

Although the West Coast is one of the three largest tomato producers in Florida, there are no West Coast tomatoes, according to an investigative journalist who dug deep into the food production system and shared his findings on Wednesday, Feb. 22, in the Library Auditorium. […]

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