Education system needs reform

February 5, 2018 Heidi Cho 0

I am running out of my dorm to make it to my 8 a.m. class. I am running on three hours of sleep because I had work the night before. I am running, and the camera pans out and I ask myself why I’m so overwhelmed, because I did everything right. […]

England brings ‘The End of the F***ing World’

January 22, 2018 Heidi Cho 0

This British dark comedy was released worldwide as a Netflix exclusive on Jan. 5. It was based on the American comic book, “The End of the F***ing World.” Riffing off of “Heathers: The Musical,” the show follows the burgeoning relationship between a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde — fictitious British teenagers James and Alyssa. […]

CUB Alt comedy night offers pre-finals respite

December 5, 2017 Heidi Cho 1

From “fucking pandas” to “a pedophile’s favorite chord,” student comedians made the audience chuckle with a wide variety of original routines on Friday, Dec. 1, during CUB ALT’s Student Comedy Night in the Traditions lounge. […]

Campus becomes home for students

October 17, 2017 Heidi Cho 0

In the middle of my hectic sophomore year, I was desperately looking forward to going home for fall break. After greeting my dog, catching up with family and settling down into my childhood home, I realized something — I missed college. […]

Student doubts Nobel Prize selection process

October 16, 2017 Heidi Cho 0

I naturally assumed that if one wins the Nobel Prize in Literature, there must be a reason. I thought to myself that Ishiguro’s work could surely remind me of what good writing is because only good writing could win a Nobel Peace Prize. […]

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