June 1, 2020

After three years, just shoot me

May 2, 2007 Eve Roytshteyn 0

I think I’m the only person to ever join the Signal staff by accident. And maybe the only person crazy enough to keep the same position for three years.

Early sophomore year, I was eating in Eickhoff and minding my own business when a freshman year floormate passed by and said The Signal was looking for a photo editor and I should apply. […]

Get far without a car: NJ TRANSIT’s the way to go

August 24, 2006 Eve Roytshteyn 0

You can debate whether Ewing is located in North, South, Central or Northeast Central-South until you turn blue, but we can all agree: it’s in the middle of nothing much.

Since freshmen aren’t allowed to bring their cars on campus, NJ TRANSIT, for better or worse, is your all-purpose means of transportation. […]

Forget the car — NJTransit is the way to go

August 24, 2005 Eve Roytshteyn 0

So you don’t have a car. Maybe you never did or maybe your beloved automobile is collecting dust in the garage back home. Some students may recommend you shamelessly suck up to upperclassmen to get off campus, but I say – embrace New Jersey Transit!

As a junior now, I’ve lived on campus for two years with complete reliance on buses and trains to get me where I need to go, whether it’s home in Paramus, North Jersey or New York City. […]