The library’s contents are being wasted

March 18, 2009 Dan Tilden 0

For any of you who may have glanced into the windows of the now-derelict Roscoe L. West Library, there’s quite a bit of junk inside.

The interior, which is currently used for storage, has that post-apocalyptic look of, for example, the video game “Half Life 2. […]

Paul could be poised for Internet-driven come-back

March 19, 2008 Dan Tilden 0

You may or may not remember it – several months ago, presidential hopeful Texas Rep. Ron Paul was at the top of his game with grassroots momentum, a vast influx of donations from supporters, his pro-Constitution views and the rest. However, times change, and sure enough, as the first primary results came in, things didn’t quite go as planned. […]