April 5, 2020

Portera: I am nothing without Gorski

April 29, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

Nadia Gorski, former executive vice president, was sworn in by Chris Portera as the new executive president at Wednesday’s meeing. Portera, former executive president, thanked many members individually, including his fellow executive board members and Gorski, saying, “without you I was nothing. […]

Advisement proposal to add SGA modifications

April 22, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

The Developmental Advising Task Force asked SGA for input regarding its draft of a proposed model of advisement. This draft will be submitted to College President R. Barbara Gitenstein as a representation of the students’ wishes and suggestions.

Lauren LeBano, senator of education and student representative of the Developmental Advisement Council, heard opinions from SGA members regarding the taskforce’s draft. […]

Impeachments postponed, may be readdressed in Fall

April 15, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

SGA impeachment trials will not be taking place this semester because of time constraints.

SGA President, Christopher Portera, announced the decision at the meeting on Wednesday. Portera explained that because of the upcoming SGA elections and the newly elected SGA members that will be in position in upcoming weeks, he feels he “cannot mandate that these trials take place. […]

Sodexho hears feedback on Carte Blanche system

April 8, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

Representatives from Sodexho Dining Services attended the SGA meeting on Wednesday to gather input on its proposed Carte Blanche system.

The carte blanche system is an “all you care to eat” dining program that is being considered for implementation next year. […]

Bylaw changes pass, restrict campaigning

April 1, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

A bill amending the bylaws for the Spring 2003 SGA elections passed by a vote of 24-6-4, despite advice from Campus Life Director Wanda Anderson that SGA did not have jurisdiction for some of the regulations.

The original bill, presented by Monique Manfra, alternate student trustee, was met with disagreement and was voted down and amended twice before it was voted on again and passed. […]

SGA members impeached for attendance violations

March 25, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

Tension filled the room last Wednesday at the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting. SGA discussed the possible impeachment of five members for attendance violations.

Nadia Gorski, SGA executive vice president and acting vice president of legal and governmental affairs, presented five bills of legislation “to impeach and move to impeachment trial” of five SGA members. […]

Budget approved in emergency meeting

March 25, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

SGA held an emergency meeting Thursday night after the Student Finance Board (SFB)’s 2003-04 budget request approval was tabled at its meeting Wednesday.

Due to the lengthy discussions surrounding SGA impeachments, SFB members were unable to start their presentation until nearly the end of the normal Wednesday meeting. […]

SGA passes bill to revise the College’s registration policy

February 25, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

An uncommon emotional moment occurred for SGA on Wednesday as Marco Zelaya, vice president of legal and governmental affairs, surprised members by announcing his resignation from his position for personal reasons.

Delivering a heartfelt speech to fellow members, Zelaya recalled memories and achievements he had in his time spent with SGA. […]

Workshop provides student feedback on CAP document

February 18, 2003 Casey Dyer 0

SGA held a workshop meeting this Wednesday in place of the traditional general body meeting.

The topic of this month’s workshop was a Committee on Academic Programming (CAP) liberal learning document.

SGA wanted to formulate some responses to the CAP document, which will be voted on in March by the committee. […]