Let your feet think spring despite the chill

April 18, 2007 Ashley Feucht 0

Ladies, I don’t want to see another pair of Uggs on campus until the next snowfall – it’s officially spring! I know it’s hard to part with your beloved boots after developing such a close bond over the winter, but I promise I’ll help you find a spring shoe to fill that wintertime void. […]

Spears’ style reflects personal meltdown

April 11, 2007 Ashley Feucht 0

What happened to the old Britney Spears? You remember her: the belly-baring blonde bombshell who rocked our world with stripteases and spectacular performances. Lately, Britney just looks disheveled in the midst of her chaotic life. After splitting from Kevin Federline (finally!), she’s been photographed partying with Paris Hilton, exposing her naughty bits and even shaving her head. […]

Know how to tell if they’re faking it

April 4, 2007 Ashley Feucht 0

We see designer brands everywhere: Coach, Louis Vuitton, Dooney & Bourke, Chanel. It seems like everyone and their mother has a designer bag these days. When did everyone get so rich?

The modern woman’s best kept secret is no longer her age, but the authenticity of her handbag. […]

Developing your own sense of style

March 28, 2007 Ashley Feucht 0

When I was 12, my favorite outfit to wear to summer camp was my black and white striped tee with holes cut out of the shoulders, paired with light blue denim shorts, sneakers and green tights.

Kids literally thought I was crazy, especially for wearing tights during the summer. […]

Students ask: ‘War, what is it good for?’

November 1, 2006 Ashley Feucht 0

The College’s Progressive Student Alliance held a speak-out against the war in Iraq on Wednesday, Oct. 18 outside Green Hall. The event featured live performances by students and provided students and faculty members the opportunity to voice their opinions on the war. […]