Wake up about overpopulation

November 14, 2007 Andrew Mathe 0

Any individual who has taken a high scho has taken a high school biology course will have encountered terms such as carrying capacity, limiting factors and exponential growth. Yet few implement the concept of sustainability.

Until people question the existence, let alone the urgency, of the global environmental crisis, the population stabilization and reduction initiative will remain little more than a lobby largely ignored by politicians. […]

Five ways to enrich your life while conserving

October 10, 2007 Andrew Mathe 0

Noting the recent resurgence of environmentalism, I’d like to dedicate some time to discussing a few simple yet effective ways someone can live responsibly while enriching his or her personal life. Although there are some who would suggest that recent manifestations of the environmentalist movement have become increasingly moderate in its goals, shifting away from radical ideals such as population reduction and de-industrialization, there remains a sizeable percentage of our society that continues to perceive such “green” values as burdensome and impractical in their application. […]

Questioning your existence? You may be a nihilist

April 19, 2006 Andrew Mathe 0

Think for a moment that there are stories other than yours, and that there are dreams and ambitions perhaps greater than your own. Now sustain this thought indefinitely. Consider, now, why your life is worth living in comparison to the lives of these others – the whole of humanity – and reason in a way that does not resemble an excuse or an appeal to emotion. […]