Workshop highlights need for powerful voices

March 5, 2019 Lara Becker 0

The event, held on Feb. 27 at 10 a.m., consisted of a detailed presentation and a period of student feedback and discussion. Assistant Director of Student Employment Joli McTerrell helped students develop their own value systems and encouraged them to speak up in situations where they felt that their voices would make a difference.

Trenton students challenge stereotypes

February 26, 2019 Lara Becker 0

Seniors from Trenton Central High School and College faculty gathered in the Education Building Room 212 on Friday, Feb. 22 at 10:30 a.m. to share their life experiences and lessons through a group podcast posted on SoundCloud. Six headphones connected into one device allowed for each of the tables to participate in […]

Students should live life unapologetically

February 12, 2019 Lara Becker 0

On Thursday, my friend was in the burger line at the Brower Student Center waiting for her lunch. While she was waiting, she felt the hasty rush of someone too close, and before she knew it, the person stepped down on her left foot. […]

Holden heightens CUB Alt performance

November 27, 2018 Lara Becker 0

Holden started out his set by telling everyone to take a seat and gather close around the stage. Before the music even started, he engaged in some friendly banter with the crowd, which he said he often practiced more than he did his set. He liked being comfortable on stage and familiarizing himself with the audience. […]

Prisoners discuss life before incarceration

October 24, 2018 Signal Contributor 1

Keisha was the MVP of her basketball team for three years as a highschooler, but by the time she got to St. Peter’s University, she had slipped into habits like drinking and smoking. Soon enough, she was selling drugs, which landed her a 20-year prison sentence. […]


September 18, 2011 Signal Editorial Staff 1

Editorial Board and Production Office Editor-in-Chief —Elizabeth Zakaim Elizabeth is a senior journalism and psychology double major. She started writing for the paper her first semester of freshman year and hasn’t stopped since. She is the […]