May 30, 2020

Ja-tun paints soul-inspired self-portrait

April 30, 2008 Rebecca Suzan 0

Ja-Tun will give you a slice of her mind. The R&B, soul and spoken-word artist based in Trenton catches her audience with infectious rhythms and hooks them with thought-provoking lyrics.

The title track of the songstress’ 2007 sampler, “A Slice of My Mind,” is a spoken-word piece that paints a revealing portrait of the humanity and vulnerability of Ja-Tun. […]

Students struck with Fashion Fever

April 8, 2009 Chris Pine 0

A Super Bowl champion, winner of America’s Next Top Model and DJ from BET all headlined “Fashion Fever,” the Black Student Union’s (BSU) fashion show this year. But on Saturday night, Darrell Reid, Saleisha Stowers and DJ Wallah played a supporting role to an ensemble of College students who kept all eyes on the stage throughout the evening. […]