Students fiercely compete in Mr. Synergy Pageant

By Darian Scalamoni
Staff Writer

Six men representing their respective organizations anxiously waited backstage while music amplified throughout the Decker Social Space on Nov. 15, as students crowded in to see who would be crowned the next Mr. Synergy.

Synergy Dance Company hosted its annual Mr. Synergy Pageant, a fundraiser for the company with the winner serving as the host for the organization’s Spring Spectacular Show in April.

Spirits were high as six contestants from different campus organizations prepared for this year’s pageant.

Justin Gordon, a sophomore engineering major, represented Delta Tau Delta in the competition and looked forward to showcasing his talents.

“I’m usually not the type of person to go out on stage, but I wanted to challenge myself,” Gordon said. “This is Mr. Synergy, this is my time. It’s really exciting to be here.”

Synergy Dance Company then choreographed a dance routine as each contestant copied their moves to the best of their abilities.

Each competitor showed off their athleticism, poise and flexibility with splits, leg extensions and leaps.

Contestants performed their new dance routine. Some succeeded more than others, but their effort still impressed the panel of student judges.

Contestants bust out moves hoping to impress the judges. (Meagan McDowell / Photo Assistant)

Ian Salzman, a junior communication studies major representing Beta Theta Pi, never thought he’d have the courage to perform in front of a group of people.

“A friend of mine is in Synergy so I felt like I should help her out and make a fool of myself,” Salzman said. “It was an interesting experience because I never thought I’d be attempting a split in front of an audience.”

Next up was the freestyle round. Each student danced to pop hits, from Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” to Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky.”

The audience erupted in laughter and cheered throughout the pageant.

“The overall competition was great, but the freestyle round was definitely the best,” said Danielle Brex, a junior elementary education and iSTEM double major. “It was hilarious and they all looked like they were having tons of fun.”

The judges took their time critiquing the contestants while the audience watched performances from Synergy Dance Company.

While the contestants showcased their exquisite dancing skills and competed fiercely, there was a clear winner in the judges’s eyes.

Alberto Gonzalez, a sophomore business major and member of Phi Alpha Delta, was crowned Mr. Synergy.

Gonzalez’s dancing in the freestyle round were incomparable as he busted out signature Michael Jackson moves.

“The Michael Jackson dance must have helped a bit but I’m happy that I was able to get on stage with the rest of the guys and be crowned the winner,” Gonzalez said.

Dana Passin, a junior secondary education and math dual major and Synergy’s treasurer, coordinated the annual event.

“It’s a lot of fun because we spend a lot of time dancing, so it’s nice to get a little break and watch other people dance,” Passin said. “We get to share our love of dance with everyone else and teach other people how to dance too.”

Mr. Synergy provided a night full of laughter and hidden talents — like Salzman’s split — that students were unaware they possessed.

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