April 4, 2020

Student ghost hunters caught trespassing in Kendall

By Brielle Bryan
Opinions Editor

Missing microwave unravels student narrative

Campus Police was dispatched to the third floor of Decker Hall to investigate an odor of marijuana on Oct. 17 at 11:20 p.m. Upon arrival, two Campus Police officers detected an odor of burnt marijuana by the door to one of the rooms, police said.

While standing in the hallway, Campus Police was able to hear multiple people in the room and observed a white towel being stuffed at the base of the door. Campus Police knocked on the door where the smell was emanating from, and a male student opened the door. The male student’s eyes were bloodshot and watery, police said. Campus Police told the male student that they were investigating an odor of marijuana, which was reported to be by his door.

Campus Police immediately detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the room and observed a plastic bag secured over the smoke detector, according to police reports. Campus Police entered the room, in which five other people were present. The individuals were all identified as students at the College.

Campus Police immediately read the Miranda Rights to all occupants of the room, police said. The occupants stated that they were microwaving popcorn in the room and did not want to set off the alarm, however, there was no microwave in the room, police said. There was also no visual evidence of any controlled dangerous substances in the room.

While one of the officers was asking questions regarding the smoke detector being covered by a plastic bag, the other officer noticed a glass bottle of Bacardi rum on a desk in the room, police said. The two residents of the room claimed ownership of the bottle. The bottle was collected and destroyed. The two residents of the room were issued a summons for underage possession of alcohol.

Students investigate ‘ghostly occurrences’ in

Kendall Hall

Campus Police was dispatched to Kendall Hall on report of four individuals entering the building through a window on the side of Kendall Hall that faces the Social Science Building on Oct. 11 at approximately 1:30 a.m. No description of the individuals was provided by the caller.

Upon arrival, Campus Police pulled open the door on the opposite side of Kendall Hall, where they observed four individuals walking down the steps toward the basement, police said.

Campus Police entered the building and walked toward the steps. Campus Police looked down the steps and observed two males and two females standing near the base of the stairs. Campus Police confronted the four individuals, advising them to line up against the wall and get their TCNJ IDs out, police said. Campus Police collected the TCNJ IDs from the four individuals.

The four individuals stated that they came into the building through the first floor men’s bathroom window, which was slightly open, and stated that they had entered the building to see if they would encounter any “ghostly occurrences” because they heard about the murder that occurred in the building decades ago, according to police reports.

Campus Police explained to them that it is considered trespassing to enter an academic building after the doors are locked or to enter any building through a window while the rest of the building is secured. The individuals were advised that they would not be issued a summons, but would be referred to Student Conduct for unacceptable behavior, police said. Campus Police escorted the students out of the building and locked the window.

Raspberry vodka pushes students over the edge

Campus Police was dispatched to the statue outside of the Education Building on a report of intoxicated individuals on Oct. 11 at 12:45 a.m. Upon arrival, two students were lying on the retaining wall by the statue, with vomit on the grass behind them.

As Campus Police approached the two students, they asked how the students were doing, police said. The male student began talking in an unintelligible manner, while the female student began to sit up next to him. Campus Police asked the students if they had been drinking and both replied, “Yes.”

The intoxicated male student stated that they had both been drinking raspberry vodka in his room earlier that night, police said. TCNJ EMS arrived on scene with Pro-Staff. TCNJ EMS determined both students were able to return to the male student’s room, where the female student would stay for the night. Both students were issued a summons for possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in public place or motor vehicle by persons under legal age.

Berry-flavored vodka leads to another summons

Campus Police was dispatched to the New Residence Hall lobby on a report of an intoxicated student on Oct. 17 at 1:05 a.m. Upon arrival, a female student was seated on a hall bench with a security officer standing by, police said. The security officer informed Campus Police that he noticed the female student get out of a vehicle in front of New Residence Hall, staggering as she walked to the front door. The security officer asked the female student if she had been drinking, and she stated, “Yes.”

Campus Police asked the female student for identification, and she handed them her TCNJ ID card, police said. Campus Police could smell alcohol emanating from the female student’s breath. At this time, the female student needed to use the hall bathroom to vomit, police said.

TCNJ EMS arrived on scene. TCNJ EMS evaluated the female student, who stated that she had consumed five shots of strawberry vodka. Pro-staff arrived on scene. TCNJ EMS determined that the female student was able to remain on campus, and she was escorted to her room for the evening, police said. The female student was issued a summons for possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in public place or motor vehicle by persons under legal age.

Intoxicated female heads to hospital

A Campus Police officer was dispatched to the rear entrance of Wolfe Hall on a report of an intoxicated female on Oct. 18, at 1:50 a.m. Upon arrival, the officer observed a female student lying on a bench and vomiting, police said. Two female students were attempting to help the intoxicated female. The two female students stated that they did not know where the intoxicated female was that evening. The first they heard from the intoxicated female that night was when she called them when she arrived back on campus.

TCNJ EMS and Pro-staff arrived to assess the female student. The intoxicated student said that she consumed three Four Loko alcoholic beverages at an unknown location and started vomiting, police said. Ewing EMS arrived and transported the intoxicated female to the hospital for further assessment. The intoxicated female was issued a summons for minors consuming alcoholic beverages.

Bike villain leaves lock behind

A female student arrived at Campus Police Headquarters to report that her bicycle was stolen on Wednesday, Oct. 18, at approximately 9:25 p.m. She reported having secured her bicycle to the bicycle rack in front of Cromwell Hall on the night of Oct. 6 at approximately 5 p.m., police said. She returned to the rack on Oct. 18 at 7 a.m. and noticed the bicycle was gone and the lock was still secured to the rack. The female student stated that she walked around campus to several racks that she uses, with negative results.

The female student described her bike as a teal mountain bicycle with pink lettering on the frame, police said. The female student said that the bicycle was an older model. Campus Police advised the female student to attempt to locate information on the make, model and value of the bicycle and to return that information to Campus Police via email to proceed with completing the investigation, police said. Campus Police assured the female student that they would look for a bicycle matching her description while on patrol.

Anyone with information can contact Campus Police at (609) 771-2345.

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