WTSR: Camp Cope and Leif Erikson

This week, WTSR Assistant Music Director EJ Paras highlights some of the best new music that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Band Name: Camp Cope

Album Title:Camp Cope”

Release Number: 1st

Hailing From: Melbourne, Australia

Genre: Indie Folk Rock

Label: Run For Cover

What started as a solo project that turned into a three-piece, Camp Cope is the offspring of Georgia Maq’s insightful musings. Her witty, biting and emotional observations of the world around her result in very genuine lyrics that are amplified by her booming voice. All of these components are complemented beautifully by Kelly-Dawn Helmrich’s melodic basslines, the underrated MVP of this band. Run For Cover’s latest addition will take the indie circuits by storm very soon.

Must Hear: “Done” and “Flesh and Electricity”

Band Name: Leif Erikson

Album Title: “Leif Erikson”

Release Number: 1st

Hailing From: London

Genre: Alternative Rock

Label: Arts & Crafts

Showing maturity beyond its years, this London five-piece plays some tight, introspective rock ‘n’ roll, strongly influenced by Kurt Vile and The War on Drugs. Meaningful lyrics, varied chord progressions and hazy guitar solos equal Leif Erikson. My favorite excerpt from their promoter co-sign: “They’re only still at the foot of their career, but like their explorer namesake, Leif Erikson are what happens when you find yourself, however you get there, right where you are supposed to be.”

Must Hear: “Get Free,” “Real Stuff” and “Looking for Signs”

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