WTSR New Noise: Turnover and Waxahatchee

This week, WTSR Assistant Music Director EJ Paras highlights some of the best new music that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Band Name: Turnover

Album Title: “Good Nature”

Release Number: 3rd

Hailing From: Virginia Beach

Genre: Dream Pop

Label: Run for Cover

A band that’s no stranger to complete album re-brands, Turnover’s third release is its third and happiest identity. The track’s instrumentals are lush and breezy. The wonderful twinkling of the guitar patterns underneath lead singer Austin Getz’s voice reach new delightful peaks on this release. The album never fails to disappoint. It reminds me of summer, and sounds like something you’d play while lying on a hammock.  Good times, good vibes.

Must Hear: “Supernatural,” “Sunshine Type” and “Butterfly Dream”

Band Name:Waxahatchee

Album Title: “Out in the Storm”

Release Number: 4th

Hailing From: Philadelphia

Genre: Indie Folk Rock

Label: Merge

Katie Crutchfield’s latest project, “Out in the Storm,” is her most polished, sharpest and ultimately best yet. “Never Been Wrong” and “Silver” are punchy and energetic. She also revisits her older, personal sound in “Recite Remorse.” Her harmonies with her sister Allison Crutchfield throughout are top-notch. If you’ve ever been through a rough breakup, “Out in the Storm” can be quite touching and deeply relatable.

Must Hear: “Silver,” “Recite Remorse” and “No Question”

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