WTSR New Noise: Toro y Moi and Wavves

This week, WTSR Assistant Music Director EJ Paras highlights some of the best new music that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Band Name: Toro y Moi

Album Title: “Boo Boo”

Release Number: 6th

Hailing From: Columbia, South Carolina

Genre: Chillwave Synth-pop

Label: Carpark

Toro y Moi is one of the defining artists of the “chillwave sound.” He has always expertly blended immersive synthesizer textures with ear-worm R&B hooks.  Coming off a breakup, this record has a solitary and melancholy sound, which provides these funky songs with some deep emotional weight. How you absorb this music is up to you. You can float away in the ambience of the music or belt passionately along with the lyrics.   

Must Hear: “Mirage,” “No Show” and “Girl Like You”

Band Name: Wavves

Album Title: “You’re Welcome”

Release Number: 6th

Hailing From: San Diego

Genre: Surfer Punk Rock

Label: Ghost Ramp

“You’re Welcome” is Wavves’s first time releasing a record on their own label and it’s a natural progression of their discography. Catchy choruses, punchy drums and basslines and a sort of urgency in lead singer Nathan Williams’s voice contribute to another solid record. They recently opened for blink-182 on their SoCal tour, and I hope their musical career only improves.

Must Hear: “No Shade,” Animal” and “Million Enemies”

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