Hard work in college leads to future successes

By Ashton Leber
Social Media Editor

Sun beaming on my face, palm trees blowing in the wind and my toes buried in the sand — an ideal spring break for most, but I just wanted to head home, work and watch endless movies on Netflix.

From Florida to Cancun — to even as close as the Jersey Shore — many students headed out for a much-anticipated spring break and were eager to laugh and make memories amongst their friends.

While that may seem like a great time to many, I was eager to put on my comfiest clothes and do nothing for the entire week. I prefer working, relaxing and enjoying home-cooked meals than spending a fortune of money on a vacation.

To some people it may sound crazy, but right now I would rather save money to move out and have my own apartment one day than spend it on a vacation with my friends.

I’ve realized a lot throughout my collegiate career. I’ve come to know what I want in life, how important making it in this world is and what it takes to get there. Staying at home over break was one step closer to proving I’m ready to be out in the real world instead of spending the money I don’t have… for what? A short-lived week of fun?

Being on your own, having a job and paying bills scares some people, but I can’t wait for that day to come. I love my family and my home, but I’m yearning to get out, move where I want and work to provide for myself.

I never used to be like this, so what changed?

When I transferred to the College after attending West Virginia University, known as a huge party school, I needed to get my life in order. My mind was focused on all of the wrong things. I constantly needed to be out doing things and could never enjoy a quiet night at home.

Coming home while my friends were away at school gave me an opportunity to see that there is so much more to life.

I quickly got my priorities in line when I came home. I started working, attending classes and maintaining good grades. In my mind, it’s important to work hard now and focus on participating in extracurricular activities, stepping out of your comfort zone and really challenging yourself. When you see all of the things you can accomplish, you realize that hard work does pay off.

I’m so thankful that I have been granted the opportunity to earn a degree from the College and conquer what used to seem impossible.

Growing up isn’t easy, but it’s all about the steps we take to get there, what we learn from our mistakes and how we improve each and every day.

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