WTSR New Noise: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard & Pissed Jeans

This week, WTSR assistant music director Nelson Kelly highlights some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Band Name: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Album Name: “Flying Microtonal Banana”
Release Number: 9th
Hailing From: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: Psychadelic Experimental Rock
Label: ATO Records
“Flying Microtonal Banana” is the first of five albums that Melbourne’s King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard claim to have in store for us in 2017. If that was not enough ambition for you, the bad boys from down under recorded this album using decked out microtonal instruments on this album to play in keys that do not exist on standard instruments. This impressive harmonic feat not only solidifies King Gizzard as one of the most creative bands in rock music right now, but also serves to follow up their 2016 magnum opus “Nonagon Infinity” quite well. “Flying Microtonal Banana” fills the void that “Nonagon” leaves by taking a more precise, slowed down, in-the-pocket approach for an overall more laid back feel. Signature guitar noodles and harmonies, syncopated drums (they have two drummers!), and thumpin’ bass are joined by the wailing shrieks of a zurna, a traditional Turkish horn. “Flying Microtonal Banana” is a perfect entry point into Gizzard’s intimidating discography, and is a welcome sign of a great band pushing to expand their musical pallet.

Must Hear: “Sleep Drifter,” “Bilabong Valley,”  “Anoxia,” “Doom City” and “Nuclear Fusion”



Band Name: Pissed Jeans
Album Name: “Why Love Now”
Release Number: 5th
Hailing From: Allentown, PA
Genre: Noise Punk
Label: Sub Pop
Punk veterans Pissed Jeans are back with their most socially conscious effort yet. Crusty, noisy, and almost obnoxiously loud, “Why Love Now” is the soundtrack to your 40 minute riot about social justice. The album is chock full of angry anthems. Simple song structures with repetitive, shouted choruses harkens back to essential Black Flag albums, while feminist and socially conscious themes keep the record fresh. Try not to trash the station/your mom’s basement when you spin this because it’s rowdy.

Must Hear

“The Bar is Low,” “Ignorecam,” “Love Without Emotion” and “Have You Ever Been Furniture”

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