May 30, 2020

Campus Style: Fashion at the Oscars

By Jillian Greene

Berry pulls off glamorous look at the Oscars. (AP Photo)

Stars strutted the red carpet on Feb. 26 at the annual Academy Awards. If you missed it, no need to panic— I will catch you up on the fashion you missed. On the red carpet, celebrities showed off their fashion choices, posed for photos and talked to reporters. The first question every reporter asks: “Who are you wearing?”

Ever star will quickly spit out an elite designer’s name — Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry or Tom Ford. These luxury designers custom-create each outfit for the big event.

Typically the red carpet is a place to show off. The ladies wear extravagant dresses and hand-cr
afted jewelry. Some of my favorite looks this year were worn by Emma Stone and Halle Berry.

Stone wore a Givenchy Haute Couture dress made of a mix of gold and cream-colored beads, which perfectly matched her red hair.

Ahmed wears a blue suit on the red carpet. (AP Photo)

Berry blew everyone away in a shimmery Atelier Versace gown that encompassed black, gold and silver.

For the men, it can be a lot harder to differentiate a tux. Many familiar faces showed up in the classic tux including Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon and Justin Timberlake.

However, we saw some color variety with Dev Patel’s white jacket, David Oyelowo’s white and black jacket and Riz Ahmed’s blue tux. While it can be hard to pull off, color is a great way for men to make their outfits pop.

Year after year, fashion at the Oscars is hyped up, and the designers better not disappoint. The public has been busy talking about celebrity’s red carpet outfits all week and will continue to do so until the next big event.

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