May 30, 2020

Art exhibit showcases Cuban existence

By Dariyah McKee

The College’s 2017 Cuba Art Show opened with a reception on Friday, March 31, illustrating a two-week student trip to Cuba in January. The “Landmarks: Cuba” art gallery featured photographs that captured the most memorable moments of the nine students who attended, as they explored Cuba’s culture, nature and city life.

Each series of photographs displayed on the wall showcased aspects of Cuba. Some even captured events with native Cubans.

A majority of the photographs showed Cuban mountainsides, ocean, houses, villages and cities. Each photograph distinctly captured the true nature of Cuba.The exhibit also featured a video that displayed a first-hand perspective of the country’s village life and scenery.

Some photographs depict the vibrant Cuban civilization. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

One of the most notable art pieces was created by Margaret Beane-Fox, a senior Spanish and sociology double major.

Beane-Fox displayed a collage and a Spanish poem also translated into English detailing her experiences.

Her poem reflected on the ocean, musical instruments and concept of home.  

“I am one with the senses/ I am one with the spirit of the country/ I am home,” part of the poem read.

“I chose to focus my project on images that exhibit how the Cuban concept of ‘home’ is created, maintained and conveyed to others, especially those who would stereotypically be considered outsiders,” Beane-Fox said.

Beane-Fox believes that “home exists as a socially constructed phenomenon” and traveling to Cuba broadened her understanding of the universal meaning of home.

“I desire for my photos and my poem to be considered one cohesive unit, so that one may better understand their personal conceptualization of ‘home,’ including how it relates to the island of Cuba and its beautiful people,” Beane-Fox said.

Artists’ work show a stark portrayal of the Cuban cityscape. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

Similarly, Larry Palifini, a sophomore biology and public health double major, outlined his Cuban experience with three beautifully captured photos of Cuban life.

Palfini defines his artwork by the verb “to resolve,” which in Spanish is “resolver” the title of his work.

“Cubans resolve by making the most of what they have, no matter how little it may be, as a way to face life’s many struggles,” Palfini said. “Essentially ‘resolver’ is the art of getting by.”

Fox and Palfini’s rendition of Cuban artwork brought to life the ideas of home. The nine students artists and their experiences in Cuba translated into a wonderful art exhibit for all to see and appreciate.  

The Exhibit will be on display until Friday, April 9.

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