WTSR New Noise: Matthew Squires & WYLDLIFE

This week, WTSR Assistant Music Director Nelson Kelly highlights some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Name: Matthew Squires
Album Name: Tambaleo
Release Number: 6th
Hailing From: Austin, TX
Genre: Poppy Indie Folk Rock
Label: Already Dead Tapes

Singer-songwriter Matthew Squires returns for his sixth album, and he’s
just as quirky and unique as ever. Combine the psychedelia of the
Flaming Lips with the rampant all-over-the-place-ness of Dr. Dog and
you get “Tambaleo.” This album is laid back yet optimistic at the same
time. Unlike so many writers today, Squires focuses on joy and
positivity, kind of like a non-depressed aka Andrew Jackson Jihad.

Must Hear:
2. Welcome
3. Shining
4. Hosanna (Devotional #3)
5. Grace’s Drum
12. Shape of Your Heart


Album Name: Out on Your Block
Release Number: 3rd
Hailing From: New York, NY
Genre: Upbeat Power Pop
Label: Wicked Cool

Out on Your Block was recorded in Atlanta on a shoestring budget but
marks a big sonic leap forward for the group, never compromising its
charmingly ragged aesthetic. WYLDLIFE’s bright and brash rock and roll
attitude updates 70s punk, glam and garage rock for the modern age in
this record. Singer Dave Feldman notes that “Out on Your Block” is about
“wanting to move through life at the speed of sound, at any cost” and
these ten new songs speak to the themes of eternal youth: love, sex,
partying and rock and roll.

Must Hear:
2. Teenage Heart
4. Deadbeat
10. Get Loud



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