April 5, 2020

SG approves new Habitat for Humanity chapter on campus

By Megan Kelly
Staff Writer

Student Government unanimously approved Habitat for Humanity at its meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

The College’s new chapter hopes to create opportunities for students outside of the Bonner Community Scholars program to get involved in giving back to surrounding communities.

The chapter is working with other organizations. (Kim Iannarone / Staff Photographer)

Habitat for Humanity also wants to work with other organizations to help them do more community service by possibly co-sponsoring events with organizations on campus. The College’s chapter will still need funding allocated to them by the Student Finance Board for planning fundraisers and transportation to and from build sites.

The club hopes to host several build days during each semester. As of now they are planning to offer rides to build days every Thursday.

“Depending on how many build days we have per semester or year, we’ll have a requirement of how many (members need to attend). … Once we know exactly how many we’ll have, we’ll tell members, ‘You need to attend two build days,’ or, you know, depending on how many build days we can secure,” said Kerstin Baran, president of Habitat for Humanity.

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