Director of Leadership responds to alumna about unrewarded scholarships

By Avani Rana
Director of Leadership, Office of Leadership

In response to Colleen Murphy’s opinion piece, “Alumna uncovers fate of unrewarded scholarships,” I would like to provide additional detail on why the Student Engagement Scholarships were not awarded in 2015.

Due to a particularly busy spring semester, I pushed back the timeline to select the scholarship recipients, unaware that doing so pushed the process into the 2016 fiscal year.

Student Affairs had every intention of awarding these scholarships, and this was an honest mistake that I acknowledge. Learning from this, we adopted a new timeline for awarding the scholarships to ensure the mistake in 2015 would never happen again.

Evidence that our new process is working is the successful award distribution in 2016, and that we are on track to distribute the awards in 2017.

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