TCNJ App offers students pocket-sized utility

By Ashton Leber
Social Media Editor

Students and faculty can now access information about the College in the palm of their hands thanks to TCNJ App, a mobile app released on Jan. 24.

The Office of Information Technology banded together with the Office of Communications to design and create the app.

“Our students live and work through their mobile devices,” said Sharon Blanton, vice president and chief information officer of Information Technology. “We need to provide one place for them to go to for access to all of our major systems.”

According to Blanton, the College partnered with DubLabs, which specializes in creating apps for higher education and currently works with more than 150 schools worldwide with more than 3 million users.

Blanton explained that the main purpose for the new app is to provide easy access to information regarding the College and campus community.

TCNJ App offers students access to many online resources. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

Students can now stay up-to-date with activities taking place at the College and news from various on-campus media outlets like The Signal. They can also access programs such as PAWS, Canvas and the bookstore directly from their smartphone.

Students are already finding the app practical.

“The convenience of easily being able to see what time my courses are is very useful to me,” said Ethan Kochis, a freshman computer science major.

Kochis also said he likes that various parts of the College’s website are easily accessible.

Communications Officer and Senior Web Architect Matthew Winkel said the team was highly involved with continuous testing to make sure the app worked properly and was compatible on iOS and Android devices.

There were many additional steps the College took to ensure the new app would be successful. Winkel said he worked extensively with others like Lauren Kaplan, the senior web designer in the Office of Communications.

Winkel said he configured the app functions with media feeds while Kaplan designed the graphics to match the College’s logos and branding.

“The project was well-organized, and it was a pleasure to work with this team of professionals,” Winkel said.

There are currently 1,449 downloads of the app by Friday, Jan. 27, according to Blanton.

Blanton also said the department will continue to add new features and is interested in hearing students’ feedback. Kochis only has minor complaints.

“I am having some trouble with getting the app to show my courses’ assignments and grades. But other than that, it works fine,” Kochis said.

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