Celebritease: Thankful for ‘Gilmore Girls’

By Mackenzie Cutruzzula

‘Gilmore Girls’ returns for a four-part revival. (Twitter.com)
‘Gilmore Girls’ returns for a four-part revival. (Twitter.com)

While I still have not come to terms with the last four words in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life,” there won’t be any major spoilers in this article. The ladies of Stars Hollow came, saw and conquered in the Netflix revival that was released on Friday, Nov. 25. Fans were treated to old faces like Kirk, who now owns a pig, and Gypsy, who fans may have noticed doubled as Emily’s latest maid, Berta. The four-part series ended on a cliff-hanger that left fans dying for more. The show’s creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, kept her cool when asked about further episodes.

“We really had a very specific journey in our minds and we fulfilled the journey,” Sherman-Palladino told Hollywood Reporter. “So to us, this is the piece that we wanted to do. And the whole thought about is there more, is there more, is there more — this has to go out into the universe now. We’ve got to put this to bed. And then whatever happens, happens.”

What creator Sherman-Palladino doesn’t realize is that we can’t just leave this up to the universe — I have questions that demand answers. Mostly, I just need to know what Rory’s future holds because like the younger Gilmore, many millennials are struggling to find the life path they want to take.

Scott Patterson, who plays everyone’s favorite diner owner, Luke, said he enjoyed the experience so much that he wouldn’t mind doing a revival every year. I think all “Gilmore Girls” fans are in agreement that a revival every year would be best for all parties. Overall, the revival made me laugh and cry. But now that it is over, I can finally start getting back to my daily life.

Kanye West has been struggling to maintain his own daily routine. After a public meltdown and the cancellation of his Life of Pablo tour, West checked himself into the hospital. West was admitted for exhaustion and dehydration. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, his wife Kim Kardashian-West refused to leave her husband’s side. She has been sleeping at the hospital and even feeding Kanye. The only time she leaves his side is to be with the couple’s two kids, North and Saint.

Hernandez celebrates her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ win. (Twitter.com)
Hernandez celebrates her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ win. (Twitter.com)

Laurie Hernandez added another shiny trophy to her already impressive medal count when she won “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday, Nov. 22. While it has not been confirmed if Hernandez brought the trophy to Thanksgiving, her reaction to winning was certainly something for which we should all be thankful.

“I just want to thank everyone for their support and riding along this crazy roller coaster of my life,” Hernandez said. “And, my goal is just to inspire others as I go on with my journey, and thanks for being there for me.”

The Victoria’s Secret Angels headed off to Paris this week to film their famous fashion show. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid joined veterans Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio for the plane ride. Angel Behati Prinsloo won’t be participating this year, as she recently gave birth, but she guaranteed that she will be back on the runway next year. That is the kind of motivation we all need to make it to the end of the semester. 

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