Campus Style: Daniella Woods

By Jillian Greene

Woods shows off her fall-inspired outfit of the day. (Photo courtesy of Jillian Greene)
Woods shows off her fall-inspired outfit of the day. (Photo courtesy of Jillian Greene)

Name: Daniella Woods
Year: Junior
Major: Marketing

JG: What are you wearing today?
DW: Today, I’m wearing a chestnut, suede skirt with a long-sleeve, white V-neck top and dark brown riding boots. I am also wearing a simple, single-jewel necklace.

JG: Where do you get most of your fashion inspiration?
DW: Recently, I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest to find fall outfit ideas. On Instagram, I follow Free People and Urban Outfitters. This isn’t to say I spend big bucks on high-end clothes, but I can easily mimic those outfits by shopping at more inexpensive stores.

JG: What are your favorite places to shop?
DW: Recently, I’ve been shopping at stores close to campus, such as Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls and stores at the Quaker Bridge Mall. I’ve been trying to fill my closet with more of an autumn feel by shopping for warm colors and cozy sweaters.

JG: What type of outfit do you feel most comfortable in?
DW: My go-to fall look is a cozy sweater with a layered necklace, comfortable pair of leggings and high-knee riding boots. This look is easy to assemble, but gives off the vibe that you are dressed up — even though you are secretly super comfy.

JG: What is your favorite trend right?
DW: I love layering. I’ll layer a tank top with a flannel, jean jacket, necklace and maybe even a scarf. Adding dimension to an outfit is crucial to looking trendy.

JG: What is your least favorite trend?
DW: This may go against popular belief, but I am not into the white Adidas sneakers look. Personally, I have embarrassingly big feet, so I don’t want to accentuate them by wearing a pair of white, chunky sneakers. Although this looks great on other girls, I don’t see myself buying a pair of Adidas anytime soon.

JG: What are you most excited about wearing this fall and winter?
DW: This winter, I’ve been really excited to break out my suede and faux fur vest. Pairing it with a cute flannel, jeans and booties is a perfect fall look.

JG: How do you plan to incorporate your style into the workplace?
DW: At my internship this summer, I was able to incorporate my personal style with a more business-casual look. I invested in a few bright-colored skirts and neutral tops. This way, I didn’t succumb to the black slacks and boring top aesthetic, but, instead, added a playful look to the office. I complimented these outfits with long, simplistic necklaces that added a tasteful touch.

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