SG explains how students can utilize TurboVote

By Megan Kelly
Staff Writer

Student Government (SG) members learned how to fill out an absentee ballot for the upcoming presidential election, as well as how Enterprise CarShare program works, at its weekly meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

Junior John Sheridan began his presentation on Enterprise CarShare, the on-campus car rental service, by sharing some basic facts about the service. Essentially, there are two Enterprise cars on campus — in Lot 5 and Campus Town — available to members of the program at all hours of the day. Members, who join the program for just one dollar, can reserve a car for themselves and receive a card with a magnetic strip that locks and unlocks the car. While a car is reserved, only the person who made the reservation has access to the car.

“What’s really cool about (the program) is that there’s not a lot of parking on campus, so this is great for people like freshmen who can’t have cars or people who just can’t own a car physically,” Sheridan said.

Blakely discusses the Travers and Wolfe halls remodeling forum. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)
Blakely discusses the Travers and Wolfe halls remodeling forum. (Kim Iannarone / Photo Editor)

Sheridan also said that the cars have $5,000 worth of collision damage insurance, but if a driver is under 21 years old and gets in an accident, the cars do not have liability insurance.

Following Sheridan’s presentation, Vice President of Administration and Finance Chris Blakely announced that there will be a forum on Wednesday, Oct. 26, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the T/W Lounge regarding the potential new residential buildings on campus.

The forum, which will be an opportunity for students to vocalize their opinions about the College demolishing Travers and Wolfe halls and designing new residence halls, will be attended by the design company and Curt Heuring, vice president of Administration.

“The whole point of this is so that more students have an idea of what’s potentially going to come and are able to provide feedback to the design firm so they can start designing these buildings for new residence halls,” Blakely said.

Vice President of Governmental Affairs Tori Mazzola went on to explain the process of filling out an absentee ballot via TurboVote. Mazzola then followed with a brief tutorial on filling out an absentee ballot.

Registering on TurboVote allows people to either print out the request form for an absentee ballot or choose to have it mailed to them. The request form is then filled out and mailed to a P.O. Box in Mercer County, N.J., and then the absentee ballot itself is administered.

Later, the Class of 2017 announced that it was fully funded for a cooking class that will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 2. There are only 30 spots available for the fall-themed event, but the menu is still undecided. The Class of 2018 was also funded for a Moonlight Cruise on Saturday, Nov. 19.

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