WTSR New Noise: Grouplove & Mild High Club

This week, WTSR staff members Dave Paulson and Alec Goss highlight some of the best new albums that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Band: Grouplove
Album: “Big Mess”
Release Number: 3rd
Hailing From: Los Angeles
Genre: Emo Indie Pop Rock
Label: Atlantic/Canvasback

Grouplove’s third studio album, “Big Mess,” is a brilliant tribute to some of the important crossroads in the band’s life, including the welcoming of lead singers Hannah Hooper’s and Christian Zucconi’s baby girl. The band’s first album since 2013 starts off strong with the lead single, “Welcome To Your Life,” which nicely blends Grouplove’s classic synth/guitar with Hooper and Zucconi’s vocals. “Do You Love Someone,” combines synth with a catchy bass line, and Hooper delivers a soft, captivating vocal in “Good Morning,” while Zucconi’s powerful voice attacks and energizes the chorus of “Don’t Stop Making it Happen.” The lyrics of the first song declare “We’re back in business!” Grouplove’s powerful, atmospheric indie music career is far from finished.

Must Hear: “Welcome To Your Life,” “Do You Love Someone,” “Good Morning” and “Don’t Stop Making It Happen”

Band: Mild High Club
Album: “Skiptracing”
Release Number: 2nd
Hailing From: Chicago and Los Angeles
Genre: Groovy Dream Jazz
Label: Stones Throw

Channeling all sorts of chill-out and sit-back vibes, Mild High Club’s second full-length release, “Skiptracing,” takes an exciting step forward since its debut album, “Timeline.” Although bearing similar themes as its predecessor, “Skiptracing” opens yet another dreamy peek into a groovy and worry-free landscape for your mind to roam. Riddled with nuances of the west coast in the smoky ’70s and a floaty, psychedelic yet wild and jazzy feel, this record can take you away to a whole new world. Feeling like a strange but needed cross between Mac Demarco and BADBADNOTGOOD, Mild High club does not disappoint so close your eyes and enjoy — you’re in for quite the trip.

Must Hear: “Skiptracing,” “Homage,” “Mild High Club,” “Tessellation” and “Chapel Perilous”

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