Expressing an opinion goes a long way

By Mia Ingui

Today’s world completely revolves around the opinions of the people who live in it. Social media giants encourage users to post about themselves daily, college courses often require an insightful input of opinion and there’s even the Opinions section of The Signal, open for any and all discussions. It seems as though opinions are welcomed with open arms everywhere one goes. This, as I have learned, is not always the case.

Many people have strong political opinions. AP Photo
Many people have strong political opinions. AP Photo

To voice your true opinion is remarkably challenging. If you are brave enough to do it, though, it’s likely you will receive this response: “You’re wrong.” That kind of backlash is what discourages many from being honest and proud of their own opinions.

I would consider myself a pretty passive person. Day after day, I let all kinds of things slip right by me solely because I’m too afraid to be open about how I truly feel. I have subconsciously convinced myself that my opinion doesn’t really matter anyway and that because my opinion might be unpopular or unusual, it has no value. That’s really a shame.

I am positive that I am not alone in my insecurities. So many people do not give themselves a voice. There are so many beautiful opinions that are never heard, that never get to fly freely and be appreciated for all that they are worth. All opinions are worthy of being heard because they are something that was created and felt passionately about. They should be supported and even glorified instead of being cast away simply because they are new or different.

To be fair, there are some opinions that are better left unsaid. If you hate cookies, for example, you’re just wrong. Keep that to yourself.

All of this talk about being open with our opinions is a conversation in which I have not yet participated. So, I’m going to give you some of my opinions without care. College is wonderful, but equally terrifying. I don’t drink or party, so I often feel excluded, but I love life and I’m a good girl, and, most of all, I just wish someone would notice. There are times where I really just want to be alone. And, at dinner the other night, I wanted that last slice of pizza before that football player in front of me took it.

Underage drinking is a widely discussed topic on campus. Ap Photo
Underage drinking is a widely discussed topic on campus. Ap Photo

Real feelings and opinions are OK. It’s fine to feel scared, sad or under the weather. It’s acceptable to be away at college and miss your friends and family, and even leave school and go see them. It’s OK to spend some time alone because even roommates need space.  No one should care if you go out on a Friday or stay in for the night and watch Netflix. It’s your choice to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

It’s all just fine. No one should ever say that it isn’t because you’re just being honest. It’s your own, beautiful opinion, and it matters.

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