June 5, 2020

New Library Noise Policy enacted

By Jessica Ganga
News Editor

The College is addressing the “increasing number of complaints” the library administration has received in the past few years about how loud the library has become, according to an email sent out on Tuesday, Sept. 6 by Taras Pavlovsky, dean of the library. To ensure the noise in the library is kept at an appropriate level, the library administration drafted a Library Noise Policy.

“Last year the ‘Library Building and Safety Committee’ (which includes student representatives) held a series of campus-wide open forums, both to collect testimony on the issue itself, and to collect reactions to the preliminary proposal,” Pavlovsky wrote in the email. “The resulting final proposal was sent to me in May.”

The new policy clearly outlines the different locations in the library and denotes the parts of the library that should serve as silent areas, or “Quiet Study Areas.” Access Service staff members will be seen making periodic sweeps of each floor to make sure the noise level is as expected.

The First Level, which includes the Library Café, Access Service Desk and reference desk, is described as having “occasional noise emanating from these areas.” The second floor is described in the same way. The third and fourth floor are considered to be “Quiet Study Areas.” The email also reminded students that the Group Study Rooms are not soundproof and noise should be kept at a minimal level.

The Library Noise Policy was enacted on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

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