Campus Style: Back to school

High-waisted shorts mark the comeback of ’70s fashion. (
High-waisted shorts mark the comeback of ’70s fashion. (

By Jillian Greene

At the end of every August, I struggle to accept the start of a new school year. This semester was no different. Once again, I managed to ignore my responsibilities over the summer and wait until the last minute to order books, pack my clothes and read those welcome emails sent out by professors. I’ll get to it all eventually — I always do. But the one thing I haven’t procrastinated this summer is shopping for back-to-school clothes.

Every trip to the mall, Nordstrom Rack or trendy and chic boutique in Red Bank, N.J., was really just an excuse for stocking up on some back-to-school clothes. This semester, I’m coming back to the College with a few must-have items that are definitely worth reporting.

A new shoe style out this season mixes a classy ballet flat with a gladiator lace up. Pair them with a stylish dress when you don’t want your feet to be screaming in those cute-but-torturous heels, because deep down, we all know the truth — comfortable heels do not exist. You can also pair these shoes with jean shorts and a cute tank or T-shirt. You’ll find them everywhere, from Marshalls to Lord & Taylor, and you can be sure to see some pairs around the College campus.

Today’s fashion also includes off-the-shoulder tops, chunky clog heels and high-waisted everything, from shorts and bathing suits to lingerie. It seems like the ’70s style is making a comeback. Maybe soon we’ll be seeing bell bottom jeans, too. For now, the new floral pants trend is taking over. But be warned — I’ve had to get every pair I’ve purchased hemmed so that I don’t need to wear those cute-but-torturous heels I mentioned earlier.

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