Foundation revises mission statement

By Sierra Stivala

The College’s Foundation recently released its revised mission statement, making known its philanthropic support for the school.

The statement was released to the public on Friday, March 24, and although the words have changed, the Foundation’s purpose remains in close alignment with the mission of the College, according to a TCNJ Today article from Monday, April 11.

According to executive director of the Foundation, John Donohue, the Foundation was originally named the Trenton State College Foundation and began with the intent to obtain funds in support of the nationally recognized public institution. By means of gifts and endowments, the Foundation increasingly emphasizes the importance of philanthropic support for both donations and investments.

“By being true to our mission statement, we believe people will see their philanthropic support of the College as a worthwhile investment in the future, or institution and those we serve,” Donohue said.

The new mission underscores the vital role benefactors play in the College’s academic enrichment, community engagement and capital improvement. According to Donohue, it supports an extensive range of programs, including study abroad, leadership initiatives, professor training initiatives and athletics.

“We are committed to delivering the highest quality education to our students, while ensuring that a TCNJ education is accessible,” Associate Vice President for Development Charles Wright said. “As we look to the future, we recognize that to have the resources, we need to deliver on that promise requires that we seek outside financial support from our alumni and friends.”

Further, the new mission statement highlights the importance of strong stewardship on behalf of all donors.

“In an era of increasing expectations of accountability and transparency, it is essential that the Foundation demonstrate to donors and potential donors that their philanthropic gifts to the College will be well managed — both through prudent investment and careful oversight and ensuring that the funds are expended in accordance with the terms under which they are solicited and contributed,” Donohue said.

According to Donohue, the Foundation has had significant donations to the College thus far. In the 2015 fiscal year alone, the Foundation presented the College with funds reaching $3.4 million. More than $1 million of those went directly to merit and need-based scholarships.

In accordance with the new mission statement, the Foundation has recently implemented Campaign for TCNJ — its first comprehensive campaign. A committee, made up of more than 70 volunteers, spearheads the campaign’s philanthropy. Donohue says these volunteers have hosted fundraisers and events nationwide geared toward generating investments for the College.

As the campaign’s first year comes to an end, it has received over 10,000 independent monetary gifts. This amounts to a total of $34 million in philanthropic support — 81 percent of its 40 million goal, according to Donohue.

“In addition to making occasional gifts to the campaign, many have met with donors, written thank-you notes, led tours and, frankly, served as shining examples of what is so special about TCNJ,” Donohue said.

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