June 4, 2020

Life outside of US superior to life within

August 31, 2015 Chelsea LoCascio 0

America claims to be the land of the free. While I respect the country I grew up in, my perception of America changed when I flew back across the pond after studying in Scotland this summer. Instead of free, I could only see it as the land of crippling student loan debt, slow deaths from consuming genetically modified food, stifled student life and superfluous waste desecrating the environment. […]

Experience is worth more than money

August 27, 2015 Kelly Corbett 0

During one of my early morning commutes to my unpaid summer internship, I squeezed through the rush of New Yorkers and found myself asking, “Is this really worth it?” I had already been on a bus for over an hour and the clock had not yet struck 9 a.m. I still had a 15-block trek from Port Authority to my office building and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing more money on much-needed coffee as I passed at least three Starbucks and two Dunkin Donuts. […]

Stud construction well underway

August 26, 2015 Alyssa Sanford 0

By Alyssa Sanford Web Editor Between Campus Town, the upcoming STEM building and the Brower Student Center renovations, various construction projects are well underway at the College this semester. In the months between commencement and the arrival of the […]

Beloved professor passes away

August 26, 2015 Chelsea LoCascio 0

By Chelsea LoCascio Opinions Editor Robert Carlton Cole: “father of journalism,” “fearless,” “one of the great ones.” A stream of positive comments poured in on the College’s Facebook post announcing the death of the 78-year-old English professor […]

Campus Style

August 25, 2015 Jordan Koziol 0

By Jordan Koziol Columnist As summer comes to a close, I find myself in that awkward August limbo — bittersweet nostalgia meets unbridled excitement for a new semester. But nothing says “back-to-school” like that impending […]

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