April 6, 2020

A ‘Joyride’ for punks — Transit revisits the Rat

March 27, 2015 Signal Contributor 0

On Friday, March 13, the Rathskeller buzzed with swarms of fans eagerly awaiting the return of Transit, a four-piece alternative/pop-punk ensemble from Boston. New Jersey’s own Cross Town Train, along with Rat veterans Save Face, accompanied the headliner and helped amplify the rowdy atmosphere of the overall performances. […]

Mock advocates for trans-rights

March 26, 2015 Jonathan Edmondson 0

For the majority of students, Thursday, March 12, was a pretty normal day. It included studying for midterms and packing for home, all the while anxiously awaiting the moment they could finally begin their respite from the College for a few days.

Others, however, had coffee with the New York Times‘s bestselling author and transgender rights activist, Janet Mock. […]

Contemporary ‘Cinderella’ film fuels feminism

March 26, 2015 Mackenzie Cutruzzula 0

The stars of the new “Cinderella” movie are no strangers to breathtaking sights and settings. Lily James (Cinderella) stars in “Downton Abbey” where the vintage set and costumes are praised, while Richard Madden (Prince Charming) is known for his role in “Game of Thrones,” a show that lacks anything but eccentric settings. It is no surprise then that Disney and director Kenneth Branagh continued the recent trend of bold color schemes and elaborate designs in their latest fairy tale come to life. […]

Woodley leads ‘Insurgent’ with fierce prowess

March 26, 2015 Jonathan Edmondson 0

There’s something strangely intriguing about the world of the “Divergent” series. It’s set way in the future, and the only place left in America is Chicago. The crumbling city is surrounded by a giant wall, and inside lives the only remaining citizens on Earth. They survive by living by a new set of government — one that divides its denizens into five factions. […]

Lacrosse drops in rankings

March 26, 2015 Anthony Caruso 0

By Anthony Caruso Staff Writer The College’s women’s lacrosse team is .500 in their last four games, having rotated wins and losses during this time. On Tuesday, March 10, they were able to defeat Cabrini […]

The history of El Clásico

March 26, 2015 George Tatoris 0

By George Tatoris Staff Writer On Sunday, March 22, Alcalá de Henares, a medium-sized city situated in the community of Madrid, was unusually desolate at 8:50 p.m. The few people on the sidewalks seemed to […]

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