Fun facts for Easter

Easter is a joyous time. Most importantly, it is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection, but there are other aspects that help make the day enjoyable, as well: We are welcoming the beautiful spring weather, there is good food, Easter egg hunts, Peeps, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies — lots and lots of chocolate bunnies.

The average family will spend $131 on Easter each year. (
The average family will spend $131 on Easter each year. (

Here are some fun facts from and ABC to help you celebrate the day. Plus, you can even impress your dinner guests with some of this trivial knowledge.Households spend $131 on Easter each year and $14.7 billion in total.

After Halloween, Easter is the biggest candy-consuming holiday. In fact, 120 million pounds of candy are bought each year.

In the U.S., 90 million chocolate bunnies, 91.4 billion eggs and 700 million Peeps are produced each year.

What’s the first part of a chocolate bunny to go? 76 percent of people eat the ears first. 5 percent of people eat the feet first and 4 percent eat the tail first.

Americans consume over 16 million jelly beans on Easter, enough to circle the globe three times.

About 120 million cards will be sent or exchanged this Easter. That means it holds the fourth spot of the largest card-sending celebration in the U.S.

The first White House Easter Egg Roll was hosted by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1878.

If you lay all of the PAAS Easter egg dye kits sold each year end-to-end, they would reach from Miami, Fla., to Chicago, Ill. — that’s about 1,400 miles.

For all those who celebrate, enjoy the time with your family this weekend.




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