Doctor’s orders: Go to Doc’s Bar & Grill

The barbecue chicken sandwich could have been barbequed, not just topped with barbeque sauce. (Regina Yorkgitis / Web Editor)
The barbecue chicken sandwich could have been barbequed, not just topped with barbeque sauce. (Regina Yorkgitis / Web Editor)

When I think of food in a bar/bowling alley, generally my expectations are low. Visions of stale pizza, dirty alleys and the memory of my Unfortunate Bowling Game of 2002 come flooding to my mind (always gutter, never strike).

Monday night, I journeyed with a team of self-proclaimed food experts — my housemates Melanie and Laura — to see whether this thought applied to Doc’s Bar & Grill in Lawrenceville.

Tucked inside Colonial Bowling and Entertainment, a bowling alley, laser tag arena and arcade center, Doc’s Bar & Grill was a pleasant surprise. The bar and grill, about 10 minutes away from the College, had a fun, friendly vibe. It is, thank goodness, clean.

'The cheese to steak ratio was right on point.' (Regina Yorkgitis / Web Editor)
‘The cheese to steak ratio was right on point.’ (Regina Yorkgitis / Web Editor)

You have to have respect for a place that plays ‘90s music videos on the big screens over the bowling alleys — people who think “Save Tonight” by Eagle-Eye Cherry is not the greatest song ever should seriously reconsider their life decisions.

Our food came in about 20 minutes, and good thing, because hours of finding new ways to avoid homework can make you very hungry, trust me.

True to form, I ordered a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. I’ve had many cheesesteaks in my time, but this one was especially yummy. The cheese to steak ratio was right on point.  The bun was fresh and well toasted, and I would definitely order it again.

Laura, a vegetarian, ordered a cheesy margherita flatbread personal pizza. The tomatoes and basil were clearly fresh. Too often, flatbread pizza is cooked too long and burnt, but this one was cooked to perfection. Her one critique was that the pizza could have a little less oil, but that is a complaint Laura finds with most pizza.

Melanie, our designated house baker, ordered a barbecue chicken sandwich. The chicken was cooked well, and she enjoyed her meal, but she hoped that the chicken would be barbequed, not just topped with barbeque sauce. The sea salt on the french fries was a superb choice, but she likes her fries with a little bit more crisp.

Overall, we agreed that coming to Doc’s was an excellent decision and not just because we didn’t have to wash dishes, although that is always a bonus. The food was tasty, the serving size was generous and the atmosphere was hip-and-happening. I’ve heard great things about their build-a-burger dish option. The 21 and over crowd can enjoy a wide array of cocktails and beer selection. We’d definitely return to Doc’s, maybe for a karaoke night. Fingers crossed that we convince Laura to do her rendition of an Andrea Bocelli song.

2420 Brunswick Ave.
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648


Mon. – Thurs.: 4 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Fri. – Sun.: 12 p.m. – 11 p.m.

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