Halting stereotypes

This article was written in response to Jonathan Edmundson’s “Mirrors can be menace for men, as well as girls,” published in this section on Oct. 23, 2013.

I would like to applaud Jonathan Edmondson for his article in The Signal titled “Mirror can be menace for men, as well as girls.”  However, while I agree with the content of the article, I was disappointed to see that an article discussing the damage done by stereotypes had a title that uses the term “men” for males but “girls” for females.  In doing so, another damaging stereotype is perpetuated — namely that male college students are young men, but female college students are still girls. Any female over the age of 18 is a woman — even those women who still make the mistake of calling themselves girls. It was a male friend of mine in college who corrected me when I made that mistake, and I am forever grateful to him for having done so.

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