The standout sounds of ‘Optica’

By Matt Jannetti
WTSR Music Director

The Shout Out Louds have had a pretty tenuous relationship with music critics, especially after their last album, Work.  However, The Shout Out Louds still deserve your attention, and Optica proves that.

Optica starts off with the absolutely catchy song “Sugar.” The Shout Out Louds show right off the bat that they are still capable of some really great song construction. The synthy bleeps that show up in the background of the song will get stuck in your head for quite a while.

But the Shout Out Louds are capable of so much more.  They manage to create some really cool and beautiful songs such as “Blue Ice” and “Burn.”   There is some great interplay between male and female vocals, which is highlighted by their airy quality. Frankly, it’s nothing new, but it is done particularly well here.

What makes Optica so good is not its inventiveness, but its consistency. Nearly every song on this album has something to offer listeners. It’s the kind of consistency in an album that every band strives for but few ever achieve. Optica probably won’t be hailed by many as a great album of 2013; however, they might be vastly underestimating it.

This album certainly deserves at least to be recognized for the catchy songs that are on it, but it should be remembered for much more.