Keep hunger at bay at Maidenhead Bagels

Breakfast is probably the best meal of the day. It’s easy to make or buy, not too filling, yet gives you what you need and, as a bonus, it’s usually inexpensive. So when I heard about Maidenhead Bagel Co. in Lawrenceville, I knew I had to give it a shot.

The little bagel shop is tucked in along Main Street, hidden from the unobservant eye, yet when my brother and I pulled into its rear parking lot, there were cars from Pennsylvania and Delaware, in addition to a sea of Jersey license plates. This breakfast-to-lunch bistro gets a lot of attention and I was about to find out why.

It’s called pork roll. None of this ‘Taylor Ham’ BS. (Emma Colton / Web Editor)

To get inside, we used the back door, which made us feel welcomed, like we were going into a family member’s house for dinner, not a bagel shop. The warm smell of fresh bagels and frying eggs hit us immediately.

The atmosphere was friendly, but a bit dingy. Tables with red checkered plastic tablecloths lined the walls, with the shabby ordering station facing out. Basically it was like a drabber version of Luke’s diner from “Gilmore Girls,” friendly and homey, but it could use some maintenance.

The list of food options was endless, mostly sandwiches served on freshly baked bagels. Since I’m a girl whose need for spicy foods and sauces can never be satisfied, I ordered a pork roll, egg and cheese on a jalapeño bagel.

The bagel, as expected, was delicious.  It had just the right amount of jalapeño peppers, and it wasn’t too bready (that’s not a word, but you get what I mean) or yeasty. The eggs were actually fried in a skillet, not nuked in a microwave, and the pork roll (yes, pork roll, not taylor ham) was just the right thickness.

Like  2 a.m. infomercials say, “But wait, there’s more!” Since it is a place where breakfast-goers dine, good coffee needs to be a staple.

I consider myself a coffee aficionado. I’m the kid who showed up to college with a french press coffeemaker for her dorm. When it comes to coffee, I don’t mess around. So, when I saw the lined-up coffee pots sitting on a constantly running stove, I thought the coffee might taste burned or too strong. I was wrong. I opted for the very vanilla coffee splashed in some cream from a very extensive selection of creamers, and enjoyed my morning brew.  The coffee was bold, piping hot and had just the right amount of vanilla notes.

My meal cost under $7 and pleased my breakfast cravings. Take a quick trip to Lawrenceville for your bagel fix. You won’t be disappointed.

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