Justin Bieber brings drama to campus

By Ronald the Lion

Justin Bieber made an unprecedented appearance at the College to scout out up-and-coming stars performing in TCNJ’s Got Talent on Tuesday, March 19. However, his visit wasn’t filled with demonstrations of him showing appreciation to his undergraduate fan base. Instead, students only remember the series of scandalous events that ensued during his visit to Ickhoff.

Bieber makes a scene during his appearance at the College after being denied pasta. (Ella Folton / Devoted Belieber)

According to dining services, Bieber reportedly entered Iickhoff during dinner time to check out the dining hall. However, after being denied one of his favorite dishes, he threw a number of plates at a staff worker serving food on the pasta line.

“As soon as he found out that we were serving pierogies instead of our usual selection of pasta, Justin went bizerk. He couldn’t understand why we didn’t have pasta for his arrival,” said Peter Pan, a public relations representative for dining services.

The staff worker has sued Bieber and charged him on counts of physical abuse, according to the Police.

Bieber also proceeded to spit all over the available pierogies, tainting the rest of the food for other students.

Witnesses of the event said that Bieber did not seem to care about ruining his public image as he yelled obscenities at the workers and onlookers.

“I tried to get an autograph from him as I saw him leaving Eickhoff and walking to his limo parked in front of ABE, but he pushed right past me and threatened to call the cops. I was extremely disheartened to say the least because I was a huge fan, but he’s definitely not the same lovable kid he used to be,” said sophomore business major Penelope Scotland.

As he was approaching his limousine, a Singal photographer even tried to capture a photograph of the pop star in all his glory, but as soon as Bieber saw the student trying to take the photo, he threatened to break his camera and throw it into the nearby lake.

It comes as no surprise that Bieber has lost his cool in public again. In recent months, he has been reported by various media outlets appearing late to his concerts and cursing out the paparazzi at any chance he gets.

There has been some speculation that the outbursts are a direct result of his recent breakup with fellow pop star Selena Gomez.
However, other fans of the singer suggest that he may have been under the influence of steroids during the past few months.

“I know that some people say his attitude shift can mostly be attributed to Selena, but no one is that angry without some drug use at play. He’s definitely got roid rage. You can totally tell by his temper and even his body looked more jacked in that picture he posted on Instagram a few weeks ago,” said Little Dick, a freshman sociology major.

Only time will tell what will become of our former beloved teenage heartthrob.  Until he grows back his iconic “Bieber hair,” it seems like things will continue to go downhill for the singer.