Guns: the fictional correlation

Do guns really mean more deaths? More homicides? While the government calls for tighter gun control, and celebrities open their babbling, ill-informed mouths in support, few are looking into the correlation between gun ownership and homicide.

Pro-gun advocates take to the Constitutional text to make their argument. (AP Photo)

Stricter gun rules will not lead to lower gun-crime rates in America. Just look at the already stringent gun laws in New York. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence ranks the state of New York as fourth among states with the strongest gun regulations. All these rules, yet according to the FBI, New York is in the top 10 states with the most gun-related homicides.

How about Chicago? A city with very tight gun laws. Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are banned in the city. To get a firearm permit in the Windy City, a person must complete firearms training, have two background checks and be in possession of a firearm owner’s ID card. Yet, the city with extensive gun-control has already had 44 homicides this year. 44. And just last year, the Chicago police seized over 7,400 guns used in crimes. Criminals are not going to pay attention to some gun laws. They pay little attention to any laws. They’re criminals, they’ll get their hands on guns come hell or high water.

The diatribe that the people who own guns are either fanatics, psychotics or both, gets thrown around constantly in the political arena. The events of the good, law abiding Americans who use guns to protect themselves are typically brushed under the rug of what not to mention. The Second Amendment is our right to defend ourselves. To take away this right, to make this right so strict that it is impossible to exercise, would be tyrannical.

Just last week in Detroit, a 70-year-old high school basketball coach and right-to-carry permit holder, was able to defend himself and two of his players by drawing a gun on two armed thugs who tried to rob the innocent trio. And in Indiana last week, a homeowner with a legal gun, scared off an armed burglar. In Oklahoma, a similar occurrence — a homeowner exercised his Second Amendment rights by firing his gun and causing a burglar to flee.

There are countless examples of American citizens using their rights to defend themselves. What happens if these rights are taken away? Burglars will still steal. Murderers will continue killing. Criminals will get their hands on guns, and the good citizens of America will be left defenseless.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at Europe as an example of what could happen. After extensive inspection, Harvard criminologists Don Kates and Gary Mauser have concluded that countries with rigid gun laws have much higher murder rates than nations who embrace the idea that their citizens have the right to defend themselves. Norway, for example, has the highest rate of gun ownership in Western Europe. Yet they have the lowest murder rate.  Take a trip to the land of pointy roofs and wooden shoes, it’s a different story. Holland has one of the lowest gun ownership rates in Western Europe, yet has a high murder rate. Same story with Sweden and Denmark: few guns, high murder rates.

There is no correlation between stringent gun-laws and murder rates. There are only people who attack the Second Amendment, pushing their tyrannical ideas.

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