Yo La Tengo’s mellow tunes

Yo La Tengo started in 1984 as a project of husband and wife, Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley. In the intervening 29 years, the Hoboken natives became one of the most successful indie bands of all time. Now, Yo La Tengo is back with their thirteenth album, Fade.

Yo La Tengo's latest album Fade does not stray too far away from the group's signature style. (Billboard.com)

Everything on Fade starts with “Ohm,” which combines the best of Yo La Tengo’s smooth and soft style with immensely catchy lyrics and hooks. It’s a nearly seven-minute song that is absolutely fantastic for all seven minutes.

This song sums up what Yo La Tengo sounds like at their best. It’s a hard opener to live up to, but the rest of the album does deliver with great songs such as “Stupid Things” and “Is That Enough.” The rest of the album maintains a mellow feel and is marked by a nice combination of drawn out, psych-like effects with some punctual and distinct (but not loud) guitars and drums.

However, it is all very subtle and intricately designed.

Fade is another great album by a band that is undeniably great. There isn’t much that will surprise listeners, but by this point in their career, Yo La Tengo knows exactly what they need to do and how to do it.