No crying for talented Babies

Sometimes, it’s the hardest to do the simplest things, but the Babies are really good at making it look easy. They don’t have any gimmicks, and they don’t have any experimental instrumentation that makes them incredibly unique.

What The Babies do have is incredibly straight forward indie rock music, with a slight summer-y twist. Even though they come across like a more male vocal centric Jenny and Johnny, the Babies have a ton of talent.

Songs like “Mess Me Around” and “Slow Walking” are the perfect songs to display their strong points. They are upbeat and jangly, with a little bit of rough around of the edges singing that gives the band a slight lo-fi, garage rock influence.

But The Babies also have some surprising variety to them. Slower songs, like “Mean,” break up the fast paced album and sound really good with a modern Dylan-esque drawl and some smooth brass thrown in for good measure.

The Babies are a fairly new band that has displayed quite a bit of talent and it’s a bit surprising that they can can use it so effectively so early in their career.

We can only hope that The Babies can continue to improve as they move forward in their career. If they continue their upward trajectory, there’s no telling where they’ll end up.