June 30, 2016

Net Impact opens doors

Through the use of business skills, Net Impact, a new club at the College, is trying to get students to socially and environmentally impact not just local communities, but the global ones as well. The undergraduate chapter on campus is trying to get students to have the knowledge and opportunities to transform the world through skills they develop here in the classroom.

TCNJ Net Impact utilizes its skills through microfinance, conferences, speakers, social enterprise and sustainability initiatives.

Net Impact is not specifically a TCNJ organization, but rather is a 501(c)3 organization based out of San Francisco with more than 300 chapter organizations worldwide.

Some of the ways TCNJ Net Impact utilizes their skills is through microfinance, non-profit organization partnership, conferences, speakers, social enterprise and sustainability initiatives, just to name a few.

Unlike many new organizations here on campus, Net Impact was able to hold an event in which co-founder and executive director Rohan Mathew of The Intersect Fund came to speak about micro -financing on Monday, Nov. 12. A sizable audience was in attendance.

Jenna Wilson, sophomore accounting major, along with sophomore economics major Matthew Scapardine attended the Lend for American Summit at Rutgers University this past October.

Scapardine, the president and co-founder of Net Impact, proudly believes that “there was a need and a passion on campus for a business club that thought of business in a way that wasn’t just driven by profit, but used to transform communities and to take care of our planet.” The College’s chapter of Net Impact is not strictly for business majors. Anyone in any area of study is welcome to join.

For more information on the College’s chapter of Net Impact, check out their Facebook page at facebook.com/TCNJNetImpact, or for more information on the global organization, log on to netimpact.org or attend one of their meetings at noon on Wednesdays in the Brower Student Center’s couches.