Andro-electro pop worth multiple listens

The former D’Ubervilles member, John O’Regan started his boundary-pushing project a couple of years ago with his 2010 solo debut Special Affections. That album introduced listeners to O’Regan’s gender-bending performance and lyrics. His androgenous live persona combines elements of Grace Jones and David Bowie.

The idea for the project started when O’Regan was hospitalized with Crohn’s disease and since then, it has developed into a project full of fun, bombastic electropop. O’Regan combines upbeat loops of synth and drum machine with his underrated guitar work. In addition, his deep voice contrasts nicely with the synth and his persona.  This results in songs like “All the Time” and “Runaway Love” which have an inherent smooth quality that sets Diamond Rings apart from a genre that is generally more jumpy and broken up. This album is a bit more produced than the original and O’Regan’s voice is no longer quite the focal point that it was. That is a bit of a weak point, but it’s one that can be easily overlooked.

Free Dimensional is a really great combination of fun and substance. It’s immediately accessible, but it has a depth to it that many artists lack and only becomes more enjoyable on repeat listens.