Tennis teams on fire

April 17, 2012 Peter Fiorilla 0

Taking advantage of playing on home court under clear skies and in warm weather, both tennis teams rode strong all-around play to a combined 4-0 record over the weekend, outscoring opponents 30-5 to showcase solid form as their regular season finales draw near. […]

Swimming around for love and truth

April 17, 2012 Brianna Gunter 0

It isn’t often that audience members at the Don Evans Black Box Theater have to worry about being in a splash zone, but All College Theatre’s most recent production, “Metamorphoses,” was so true to Mary Zimmerman’s play of ancient Greek tales told around a pool of water that it did, in fact, include a pool with real water in the center of the small stage. […]

Peanut butter and films

April 17, 2012 Cameron Prince 0

The Reel Art Festival offered an interesting array of creative medium to students through music, spoken word and film on Wednesday, April 11. The event was sponsored by the Student Film Union, WTSR, ink. and the Art Student Association. […]

Brown Bag showcases future opera show

April 17, 2012 Signal Contributor 0

Despite a sparse turnout, the Boheme Opera N.J. presented a breathtaking preview of their upcoming College performance “The Magic Flute” in the Mildred & Ernets E. Mayo Concert Hall on Friday, April 13 during last week’s Brown Bag Series. […]

Shins album much-awaited

April 17, 2012 Signal Contributor 0

The Shins are back for the first time in five years with “Port of Morrow.” Rather than lagging with this album, lead singer James Mercer did not fail loyal fans after his time spent on side project Broken Belles. […]

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