SG approves new Libertarian club, denies Net Impact

SG granted permission for a new club to form. The Student Liberty Front is based on Libertarian ideals.
SG granted permission for a new club to form. The Student Liberty Front is based on Libertarian ideals.

Libertarians at the College now have a club of their own after Student Government approved Student Liberty Front during its meeting on Wednesday, March 29.

The club plans to discuss Libertarian theory during its regular meetings, including free market, international free trade and open immigration among other nations.

According to its representatives, the group also plans to hold events and feature speakers in order to “justify our position philosophically.”

SG voted not to approve new club Net Impact, a group designed to use business skills in order to tackle relevant social and environmental issues in the College community.

Representatives of the organization said it would not just be a club for business students, but that they would work to bring all of the schools together for projects.

Many SG members, however, expressed concern that the club was not original in comparison to other community groups at the College, like the Bonner Center. Some also thought that the club needed to be more organized.

“They have a lot of stuff to do,” said Joseph Dicarlo, freshman political science major. “They need to plan more.”

SG vice president of advancement and junior marketing and Spanish double major Christina Kopka announced the Drink Responsibly Campaign to raise awareness about the amount of waste that the College produces when using disposable coffee cups and encourage students to reuse mugs.

The campaign will include a “make-your-own trail mix” in Eickhoff, a cupcake stand in Alumni Grove and more.

Sadia Mansoor Tahir, junior biology major and SG vice president of equity and diversity, announced the annual Writings on the Wall. The wall was built outside of the Brower Student Center and will remain erect until Friday. All students are encouraged to write words or phrases of discrimination that they have ever been called. The wall will then be torn down and broken into pieces, which will be handed out to students.

Tahir also announced that a hoodie will be hung from the wall before it is torn down, symbolizing the ongoing Trayvon Martin case in Florida and ending racial profiling and injustice.

Cosponsoring with Colleges Against Cancer and Phi Kappa Psi, SG announced again that Relay for Life will take place on April 13.

Several clubs at the College are forming teams for the event, but students are also encouraged to make their own teams with friends. Teams can sign up at

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