Privacy promised in new app

Capsule, a new event-planning app, promises more features and privacy than Facebook. (

Social media users have a new platform for event planning, interaction and photo sharing that may give Facebook a run for its money.

“Our main competitor is not Facebook ‘per se,’ rather, our main competitor is Facebook Events,” said Capsule’s community manager Saul Artiga.

Capsule, a web and mobile app, is a new competitor of Facebook Events, according to Artiga, offering the same capabilities of Facebook — creating an event page, inviting people, posting on a wall and sharing photos — as well as adding a few more features.

The program includes a mobile camera app called CapsuleCam, which connects the user’s camera to the capsule, or event space, and allows them to instantly upload photos taken at the event into the capsule.

Each capsule, or event, is also given a phone number, and with that number one person can send a text message to everyone in the group. Artiga explained this in an email interview — if an event is canceled, one person can send a message to the given number and everyone in the group will receive it.

Capsule also features a TV Mode, where the user can connect a laptop to a television in a setting where everyone can see it. When people at an event take photos with CapsuleCam and share them, the photos will be displayed on the television.

The feature is “kind of like those ‘text this number to have your message on the screen’ type of deals, except ours is free and it uses photos,” Artiga said.

Capsule began in February 2011 and was founded by Cyrus Farudi and Omri Cohen, who attended 14 weddings and nine bachelor parties in one year and felt that other event planning apps were lacking in features.

The app is still very new, but its popularity is growing steadily.

“In our two months from launch, we have grown faster than Twitter did in six months,” Artiga said, although exact numbers of users are not yet available.

One of the greatest features of Capsule over Facebook and other event planning apps, according to its founders, is that Capsule is completely private and only the members of the capsule can see what is posted.

Artiga is confident that Capsule is a better product than Facebook Events and anticipates the program taking over their dominion very soon.

“I could see this becoming the next powerhouse in the event planning space,” Artiga said.

Users can sign up for free at

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