Catchy indie


Oberhofer makes really catchy indie pop, which forms the core of “Time Capsules II.” Sure, Oberhofer has a bit of a surfy-feel to it and they are actually more complicated than they first seem, but above all, their album is full of pop tunes that will be stuck in your heads for days.

Oberhofer is basically a brand new band, having only released a couple of singles and one EP.

Their debut delivers right from the start, with the leadoff “Heart,” which makes use of some nice experimentation with vocals similar to Animal Collective. But this song only softens listeners up for the joy to come.

The fast and upbeat “Landline” is a more representative track that makes use of surfy instrumentation and an absolutely infectious hook and chorus.

They also make excellent use of vocal harmonies like on “oOoO” — yes, that is the title of the song — where the vocals make up almost the entirety of the chorus. Not to mention, the return of the song “Awy Frm U” — which is more catchy and entertaining than the original version.

The new songs “Crusin’ FDR” and “Gold” are also great. The former has a more traditional structure while the latter has a more repetitive feel — though not in a bad way — and makes use of a small amount of brass.

“Time Capsules II” is full of happy, poppy and very catchy tracks. It’s incredibly accessible and still interesting. Most of all, the album is very good. There’s not much else you can ask from a band.

Focus tracks:“oOoO,” “Cruisin’ FDR,” “Awy Frm U”