Hospitality’s offering


Hospitality’s self-titled debut album is full of happy, jangly indie pop that mixes catchiness with
a muted and downplayed sound to great effect.  However, they often play with the genre, showcasing their diverse talents.

The first track “Eighth Avenue” introduces a pseudo-summery sound with an incredibly compelling hook.

The band made excellent use of some light vocal harmonies without overshadowing the talent of the lead female vocalist.

As the album transitions into “Friends of Friends,” they bring some more rock elements into their song and the singer takes on a slightly more distinct and powerful tone.  It also introduces the trumpet to the album, which is an excellent addition.

“Betty Wang” rounds out the opening trilogy with a retro twist on indie pop, though the lyrics are not the most meaninful or the best.  After “Betty Wang” the album settles into a much smoother and quieter set —“The Right Profession” and “The Birthday — excluded, before it culminates in the almost excessively poppy closer “All Day Today.”

The album starts and ends in slightly different places, with “All Day Today” featuring a more powerful sound than the opener, but the middle of the album will take you on fantastic journey through the world of indie pop.