Black Keys collaborate with black sheep

The Black Keys’ last album, “Brothers,” was very successful. Most people will probably remember the band’s hit single “Tighten Up.” However, the Black Keys have been around since 2001, and their seventh album, “El Camino,” brings back a little more of a blues influence.

The Black Keys' 'El Camino' promises to be a hit. (

On this album, the Black Keys turned back to legendary indie producer Danger Mouse.

Some Black Keys fans might not have been happy with this announcement, however. Danger Mouse produced their 2008 album, “Attack & Release,” which is often considered to be the black sheep of the band’s discography. However, this time around the collaboration was a success.

Plenty of newer fans will find some great singles, like the fast-paced “Lonely Boy” or catchy “Gold on the Ceiling.” The album really shines on tracks like “Run Right Back” and “Nova Baby” and these most definitely bring back the bluesy feel of early Black Keys, albeit with more production.

Also, the slower, more melodic, “Stop Stop” shows the depth of the Black Keys. The Black Keys have been steadily evolving since they released their first album. They adjust and make changes to their sound as they see fit and don’t seem to be too affected by pressure from fans or the music industry. Since they have consistently dropped good albums for 10 years, it is nice to see them continuing to get the attention that they deserve.

Focus Tracks: “Run Right Back,” “Nova Baby,” “Stop Stop”

Additional Info:
Release Number: 7th
Hailing From: Akron, Ohio
Genre: Bluesy Rock
Label: Nonesuch