Yoga with benefits: off the mat and into the bedroom

Yoga moves increase the body's flexibility, control and stamina. (Samantha Sorin / Columnist)

Whenever men find out I do yoga, they usually ask me one of two things: Can you do a split, and can you put your legs behind your head? Many people seem to associate yoga with sexuality — which they aren’t wrong about — but what exactly are the sex benefits of yoga?

Yoga tones, stretches and strengthens the entire body, allowing a greater range of motion. This is particularly beneficial to athletes — more specifically, runners — who have taut hamstrings and hips. Massaging the muscles and lubricating the joints help to ease any pain or tension the body may feel in various sex positions. Yoga also increases stamina. Having to hold oneself in a position, balance or focus on moving the body in a specific manner translates into a longer sexual experience.

Our society consists of coach potatoes and desk jobs. We lead sedentary lives. Our hips are tight. The muscles that surround the pelvis are unremittingly restricted. Poses such as garudasana, or eagle pose, and upavista konasana, or wide-legged straddle pose, increase blood flow to the pelvis. This heightens one’s sensitivity, leading to an accessible orgasm. Also, yoga provides for a great way to increase the intensity of one’s orgasm. Many yoga poses require a practitioner to engage the pelvic floor muscles, which strengthens the muscles involved in climax. If a yogi were to take her practice off the mat and into the bedroom, this could lead to stronger contractions and releases, resulting in powerful orgasm(s).

Not only are there physical benefits to yoga, but there are mental benefits as well. Yoga breeds confidence. As stated previously, yoga helps to sculpt the body. With a greater sense of awareness of the body and how to move it, one can increase confidence in the bedroom, too.

Also, yoga is a form of exercise, and exercise releases endorphins. Not only does yoga improve mood in this manner, but it also amps up one’s energy. Specifically, backbends like setu banda, or bridge pose, help to energize the body and awaken the mind.

All in all, yoga allows one to be confident and aware of one’s body on and off the mat. The control, stamina and flexibility manifested through yoga helps one to feel a deeper physical and mental connection with one’s partner. Finally, yoga helps one to feel relaxed in vulnerable positions — whether it’s giving a speech, picturing the crowd in their underwear or you yourself in your underwear in the bedroom.